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Laser Cutting

Laser cutting can provide you with cost efficient, clean edged fabrication to fit your needs. A CNC high power laser beam is focused on the work piece and the resulting heat energy melts or vaporizes the material. Any resulting molten material is blown away by pressurized gas during the cutting process creating a quality edge.
• No Physical Contact with Work Piece
• Small Heat Affected Zone (less than plasma)
• Part Nesting for Max Material Yield Efficiency
• Precision Cutting
• Complex Contours
• Intricate Shapes
• Quiet
• Clean Edges
• Narrow Kerf
• No Tool Wear


Autoloading CNC Punches are used to punch and bend sheet metal to your exact specifications.
• Ability for Wide Range of Materials
• Automation for Fast Delivery of Production Orders
• Highly Accurate Dimensional Control
• Metal Stamping - low to medium volume
• Special Forms


Our CNC Press Brakes provide precision bends quickly and efficiently. 
• Robotic Loading Capability
• Offset and U-Bending
• Highly Accurate Forming
• Precision Angle Measuring


At Cardinal MetalWorks, we handle all robotic welding including designing and building fixtures to running production. In order to provide our customers with cost-effective solutions, we maximize the use of automation.
• Advanced Jigs for Manual & Robotic Welding Cells
• Repeat-ability
• Automation for Small Runs or Large Volumes
• Increased Accuracy
• Spot Welding
• Stud Welding


Autoloading Haeger CNC Insertion Machines are used to efficiently press pems and other inserts into sheet metal components. Single-touch part handling allows for insertion of up to 4 different inserts with one part handling.
• In-process Quality Inspection
• Fast Tooling Setup
• Superior Workpiece Accessibility


We have the equipment and skill to re-grain and polish welds to restore the metal to its original luster and beauty.
• Class A Finishes
• Stroke Sanding
• Anodizing and Plating
• Powder Coating
• Silk Screening

Equipment List

(2) Trumpf TC-2020 with Automatic Load & Unload

(1) Trumpf FiberOptic TruLaser 3030, 4000 watt with automatic load and unload
(1) Trumpf TruLaser 2030, 3200 Watt with Automatic Load & unload
(1) Trumpf CO2 TruLaser 1030, 2500 Watt Laser
(1) Mazak SuperTurbo Model 510, 2500 Watt Laser with Automatic Load and Unload

(1) Trumpf Bendmaster 5130 with Robotic Load and Unload
(7) CNC Trumpf TruBend
(1) 3-Phase Spot Welder, 100 KVA
(1) DC Inverter, 75 KVA
(3) Panasonic Robotic Welders
(4) MIG and TIG welding stations

KBM variable-speed linear stroke sander

Milltronics RW20 Rigidhead Vertical Mill 40" x 20"

Hardware Insertion
(3) Haeger Automated
(2) Haeger Non-automated